Housing inventory slowly comes back as frenzy fades but does this include Las Vegas? Is Buying Solar Worth It?

Dated: July 28 2021

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Las Vegas, dubbed the riskiest housing market in the nation less than a year ago by real estate analyst CoreLogic, is on track to price the working class out of the market by the end of the year, says Las Vegas Realtors president Aldo Martinez, and Wall Street is scrambling to scoop up the rentals would-be buyers will be forced to lease. Southern Nevada’s housing market, rumored to be on the brink of collapse since it began recovering in earnest from the crash of 2007, is among the upstarts of the pandemic economy, which has seemed disconnected from reality at times, with record stock market and real estate gains starkly contrasted against a backdrop of widespread financial and emotional despair. In September 2020, real estate analyst CoreLogic predicted with 70 percent certainty that home prices in Southern Nevada would fall by 7.8 percent by July 2021. What seemed like a sure bet proved to be a fool’s wager. The median price of a home — $385,000 — has increased more than 14 percent since CoreLogic deemed Las Vegas the riskiest market in America. The company did not respond to questions submitted by the Current. “Their Crystal ball works about as well as everyone else’s,” says Martinez. “If it were a science, Wall Street would be making a gazillion dollars.” Investors, he says, are wagering that Southern Nevada’s housing prices are for real and the market is nearing a tipping point. The median price of a single family home was $295,000 in August 2020. It’s increased $90,000 in less than a year. “By the end of year we’ll be well over a median of $400,000, outpricing the median wage earner who will no longer be able to afford a home,” says Martinez. “That’s what Wall Street is banking on — that they’ll have to rent and become tenants.” Martinez says investment companies such as Zillow and BlackRock are “buying up everything between $250,000 and $400,000 with some going as high as $450,000,” with the intention of turning them into rentals. It’s a new twist on the strategy made popular by investment firm Blackstone when it gobbled up properties after the Great Recession, leasing them through a company called Invitation Homes. “There is more institutional capital (Private equity funds such as Blackstone) flowing into such asset types now as opposed to mom and pop landlords, which were the traditional owners for such rentals,” Dr. Vivek Sah, director of UNLV’s Lied Real Estate Institute, said via email. “Such funds/institutions have a bigger appetite and hence have been purchasing in bulk especially in cities that have younger demographics and growing population (due to large in-migration like in LV MSA). Last week, Blackstone, the company that has been buying the land beneath MGM properties and leasing the operation back to the gaming company, announced it’s spending $6 billion to acquire a company that offers rent-to-own single family homes. “The lease to buy option is not very popular yet due to the complex nature of the set-up,” Sah says. Martinez admits he does not know what percentage of sales in Southern Nevada are to institutional investors. “That would be a guess, at best, on my part,” he said. A recent story in Vox discounts the theory that investors are responsible for the runaway appreciation, citing a 2018 research paper that found investors “account for less than one percent of all single-family housing units across the U.S.” https://youtu.be/TXcGgXZYfqg- Hiring a Home Inspector with Experienced Training And Certification Will Save you Thousands https://youtu.be/1aO5_Ft6Gyw : Here Are The Newest And Best Locations To Buy A Home In Overpriced Las Vegas. https://youtu.be/-uw2HbPbO8c : Vegas Covid Restrictions Opening Up And How To Land A Home In A Seller's Market? https://youtu.be/B3-sw_jfla8 : Things To Know Before Buying/Moving To Las Vegas And Americans Less Motivated To Work https://youtu.be/1aO5_Ft6Gyw : This is the most overvalued housing market in America. Spoiler: It’s not in California. https://youtu.be/ak_d72u4SBo : New Home Lottery Is Back In Las Vegas https://youtu.be/5DuRlwUC7_o : Las Vegas Sands Leaving Gaming https://youtu.be/Xdz4ChL5ih0 : Hot Las Vegas Housing Market Is Booming https://youtu.be/8XoqhQE75Y0 : Real Estate Hustle & Working The Strip https://youtu.be/61dxfW8x4X0 : Las Vegas Housing Forecast 2021-2021 https://youtu.be/XYDupRErig0 : Are We In A Housing Bubble In Las Vegas? https://youtu.be/5EQMYmx2wm0 : Why The Pandemic Ignited a Housing Boom but It’s Different From The Last Housing Market Crash https://youtu.be/PSEnOY6WBMU : The Cost of Living Chart Has Gone Up Significantly Post Pandemic https://youtu.be/jYqV6sNBNMM : How To Compete Putting In An Offer On A House That Already Has An Offer?

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